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Relaxed bespoke Training for YOUR kind of Boating on YOUR Boat.


Can I take the Course on my own boat?

Simple answer is yes!  That  way you gain skills directly on your own craft.  As long as it is insured and sensibly equipped for the purpose intended.  

If you are not sure just call or email.

The International Certificate of Competence - what is it?

THE ICC is recognised throughout most European Countries as evidence of the holders competence to handle a craft. They can be for Powered craft, Sailing Craft and either up to 10 metres length overall,(if you take your ICC on a boat under 10 metres) or up to 24 metres length overall - if you qualify on a boat over 10 metres.

We can provide Power ICC qualifying Courses for either up to 10 metres or 24 metres;  but not sail.  The RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman's   Course qualifies you to gain the ICC, as does the Level 2 Powerboat Course.

I am thinking of buying a boat, but  am unsure of  what to get - can you help?

We would be delighted to share some of our experience with you, please do get in touch.  We may help to avoid an expensive mistake!

I hope to go cruising on the French, Dutch or German inland waterways - what do I need?

You require an ICC with the CEVNI endorsement, and copies of local regulations.

What is CEVNI??

This is, effectively, the European Inland Waterways”Highway Code” . It is not a stand-alone qualification but an  endorsement on your ICC.

How much experience do I  need before I take a Course?

Easiest question yet!  Absolutely none. Our own boat handling Courses are designed to cater for the complete novice afloat.

There are other Courses you can take later which will extend your boating horizons if you wish.

We would like to go boating as a family - can we all take the Course?

Yes - why not learn the “how to” together!   

What extra equipment ,clothing or other extras do I need to attend a Course?

We supply Lifejackets, and water/wind resistant suits (in case the sun does not shine).  We do not provide lunch or meals though.