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Relaxed bespoke Training for YOUR kind of Boating on YOUR Boat.


We make sure we comply with all the necessary Company Disclosure regulations: as these are mainly to ensure you can get in contact with us we are delighted to do so!


We can be contacted on:

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Email: on967aol.com

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General Data Protection Regulation

We are very aware of the need to  maintain accurate information on our Computer systems, and ensure it is secure and safe.  We do not hold any credit/debit card information ourselves, or sell or pass on any information  about you to a Third Party not connected to ourselves.  

We do not place any “cookies” into your computer - but please remember that your Browser or  Search engine may use Cookies to analyse  your own  use and improve performance!

We may ask from time to time if you wish to be included in emails sent to groups of  our current and past clients: if you choose not to “opt in” then we will make sure you are not included in our email lists

Where applicable we will have passed on to the  RYA the necessary information for you to use Online VHF SRC COURSE.

If you do not actively use the Online VHF SRC Course  for one year (evidenced by the date of your most recent login) your user account with the RYA will be deleted, with any course completion or certification recorded on the RYA database.

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